24 Sessions for 2 hrs. (Weekend Group Classes)

Kids photography course takers will learn how to drop auto and move to full manual mode, enabling them to capture images not possible on auto. Students on the photography courses for teens will experience a new world of artistic photography. These Kids photography workshops will include a tuition manual and have structure and grounding in the fundamentals of photography.  The Kids photography course will accommodate each students skill goals for their photography project.


Photography skills such as –

  • Learning how to use an DSLR camera, and become proficient in its functions

  • Using filters, working in natural and artificial light

  • Choosing themes such as wildlife, or portrait photography and take photos weekly

  • Helping recognise quality photography and enter competitions.

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24 Sessions for 2 hrs. (Weekend Group Classes)

Designed for: People, who want to learn about the equipment and the technology of photography, prefer more practical knowledge (theories applied on location). Want more from their digital cameras than “Auto” mode in limited days to spare.

Take your DSLRs out, come closer to Mother Nature and still be learning and diving into the amazing world of Photography. Along with the introduction to Photography and its fundamentals, learn the nuts and bolts of your camera the most enjoyable way. All your technical, digital and creative queries will be sorted in this course. With getting accustomed to what more your DSLR has to offer, see the whole new world with the brand new eyes.

Topics Covered: 

  • Know your DSLR.

  • All its features/ modes including shutter, aperture, manual etc. including various types of lenses and flash are covered and elaborated in concentrated days.

  • Working knowledge on composition and exposure.

  • Practical Representation of the entire “Basic Course” syllabus is covered and elaborated in concentrated days.

  • Learn the shooting techniques like panning, freezing etc.

  • More emphasis on hands-on knowledge 

  • If you don’t own one we have one- A DSLR will be provided to learn during the course


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(for 18yrs. & above)
DURATION: 3 months (24 Sessions for 2 hrs in weekend group classes)


Absolute newbie with no prior knowledge on how to use the elementary features of the camera, aspiring Photographer, or simply someone who want to take good pictures on their next vacation.

DSLR or no DSLR is the pondered question by many now days, not to mention along with which brand I should go for? How expensive the camera has to be to be known as “good camera”? And so forth. At the end of Basic Photography Course we aim to help beginners find their own answers and get comfortable with the camera and its functions for capturing compelling photos keeping in mind the right techniques and aesthetics of Photography.

The added perk is your camera manual will start making sense to you, finally!

Topics Covered: 

  • History of photography and types of cameras

  • Major Controls on camera, Shutter, aperture, lenses, Exposure, ISO

  • Knowing the right lenses and Exposure Modes

  • Depth of field, using it effectively and knowing factors affecting depth of field

  • The Art of Composition

  • Different photography techniques like panning, zooming, shooting action, etc.

  • Portrait photography and Shooting Landscapes

  • Filters in digital photography

  • Understanding Light (discussing type of source, quality of light, direction of light, color of light etc.)

  • Getting true to life colors in your pictures

  • Use of Flash in photography (portable flash, studio lighting set up using multiple lights, light modifiers etc.)

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MAC Studio is one stop travel, culture photo tour, nature photography, travel photography and helps amateur photographer or professional photographers keen to click the amazing scenic beauty, portraits, religious and spiritual events, fairs and festivals in India. Not only that, we extend our support for Special Interest Photography Tours in India. Our team members of professional photographers and tour leaders who help you and guide you to the most amazing spot making it possible for you to compose & take much better images than that you used to.

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