How to Reduce Stress with Music

May 23, 2017



It has really become too tough to get away from the daily stress, tension and anxiety and it is not a problem only for corporate or working people but with every human being irrespective of their age and gender.


One thing that can definitely help us get free from the stress is by turning on some good MUSIC. Music has got the power to release our stress and shift our negative thoughts to positive thinking and let our mind calm down. Music can save our life.


A famous German-Jewish poet and author Berthold Auerbach  has said “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~


Here are few ways how you can use music in your daily routine to help manage stress and create more joy in your life.


1. Rising fresh with Music - As greenery brings freshness to our mind and soul, so does good music. Wake up fresh with music that will ease and calm the mind and sooth your mood before you start with your hurried day. You can do so by replacing your harsh alarm to some music or song that you always love to hear. Once you are up from your bed and as you are blending yourself with the day, you can fill the room with some beautiful and inspiring music. This habit will fill your day with positivity.



2. Try singing - You make not be a good singer, but enjoy the feeling of melody through you. Sing in shower, sing in car, hum a lullaby while cooking or when you are little free at your work desk. Singing aloud is one of the best ways to free your blocked mind and this will surely help to promote relaxation.



3. Put on Music while at work - Work environments are often quite stressful with excessive work pressures and sometime differences with co-worker. The right background music can help everyone work through routine tasks in a better mood, and listening to inspiring music during breaks can help us recharge your systems. Music helps in better productivity.



4. Gridlock Traffic – Commute with Music - Traffic jam is one of the reasons in city why people remain more stressed out. Sitting in gridlock traffic and worrying whether you will get late for an important appointment will surely make you feel more drained out. The best you can do is informing the person about the situation and shift your mood to some good music. As you can’t change the external circumstances, you must resort to changing your internal state to avoid and relieve stress. Keep a collection of your favourite music in your car that helps you de-stress,



Article by - Ankita Hazra 




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